Icarus Flyby and the Campbell River Timmies


Sometime in November 2013, the City of Campbell River sent members of the RCMP to my home.  I was mentally ill.  I had quit work, while working at the City as the Senior Geographic Analyst in October 2007.  I did not apply for employment insurance because I could not figure out how to fill out the online form.  I don’t remember 2008 at all.

In November 2013 I was making a desperate attempt to get mental help by writing threatening letters to as many employees and members of the City as I could.   

I was on my way to Timmies.  So they sent the RCMP.  A city staff member told me to “Go get some help.”

I had no idea that I had a serious drug problem; I just could not think.  It wasn’t a recreational drug, it was a prescription medication.

Pick me up a double-double, will you?

Icarus Flyby

Letter to the editor Campbell River Mirror one day after a dog and a man were killed in the take-out lane of the Tim Hortons in Willow Point where I live.

PS: City of Campbell River – Mother’s Do not send your children to that City for surely I must tell you that that is the most horrible place to work and they will send people with guns when you say so.

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