Icarus Flyby and The Flux Capacitor

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Executive Summary:

The Flux Capacitor describes an extension of the e-Estonia digital society where digital identities are maintained in low-value hard-to-reach local community-owned silos rather than high-value directly connected corporate mega datacenters. Also, know as Pulled Pork Centers.


Have ever you noticed that in most adventures you have to read through every painful step of the hero’s journey? That before getting to what the shaman saw, you have to read about every tiny scratch and bug bite?

Well! Let me tell you, not at the Icarus Flyby Art Box Emporium! Here, there is no need to be conCERNed! We cut to the chase, apply all discounts, pay all taxes, throw in free shipping and then open a portal into the theater of the absurd presenting for the benefit of Mr. KKK45 the last act of the last book of the three-part Flyby series! The Door into Summer!

Step quietly as we guide you to your seat where for the very first time, the QAHole is enlightened by the fabulous flame of the wizard who reached out and touched the sun: Icarus Flyby! Here’s your seat, so be here now and without any further ado, we humbly present to you:

Icarus Flyby

and the

Flux Capacitor

theFlux is the holon of all discontiguous flexNodes on the worldwide web

holon is something that is simultaneously a whole in and of itself, as well as a part of a larger whole.

A fluxNode consists of six fluxPoles, parts of a redundant biometrically encrypted wireless solid-state storage array.   fluxPoles are coated with solar cells and packed with high-energy lithium batteries. Each fluxPole is loaded with off-the-shelf ultra-dense computer technology, running VMWare on low-power RISC processors, servicing thin client biometric security, and simply bristling with sensor and communication technology providing 24/7 physical security triaging the power of the state to use force in a local community.

On an Ethernet network, data travels through the network inside units called frames, each frame containing source and destination addresses. In a Token Ring network, empty data frames circulate around a ring. A computer is granted the right to transmit data. Then the data and destination are inserted into an empty frame. The destination system grabs the data, the message is removed from the frame, and the now-empty frame is sent back circulating around the ring until another system needs to send a message.  A form of musical chairs.

You can not change my mind, because I can not hear what you say
Icarus QAnon Flyby

a fluxNode operates in both realms. The Ethernet is the realm of the WorldWide Web and a 5G Token Ring is the realm of a fluxNode. The two realms maintain embassies on the fluxNode where bitcoin tokens are exchanged and blockchains are updated by agents acting on behalf of secret identities.

You can not get to a fluxNode from the worldwide web, you have to be within range of the 5G Token Ring network running on the fluxNode and logged in biometrically on a registered device.

a flexNode maintains your digital identity in a single location. Period.

But, you can get from a fluxNode to the worldwide web using an avatar, a collection of files running a virtual mini you managed by the myFlux@JervisMiniMe AI services.

None of this is rocket science, we already have it all and that gets us to the edge of the noosphere of technology, a sphere of reason where all the wonders begin, but there’s a rub. Somewhere along the way we became pulled pork, we can no longer tell which seat to sit in, and the music just stopped.

Today the technology may be off the shelf, but the built-in tribalism scares the Peter Pan right out of me.

Fear is the mind-killer.
Icarus Frank Herbert Flyby

Once connected to a localFlux, you may find politically independent city-states, charter communities, daAnarchy of daFish, places where the salt of the earth do their own thing on a common ground of theFlux terms of service.

On a token network.  Get it?  

The silence was heard. Said the joker to the thief.

Icarus Bob Enigma Dylan Flyby

Change occurs at the boundaries. The fluxNode brings change to the table. Can you hear me now? Icarus New Horizon Flyby

the three Laws of theFlux

theFlux terms of service

  • Universal Subscription
    • A resident is anyone who registers a fluxNode as their homeNode.  A homeNode is automatically registered at birth, as well as fluxCitizenship which is automatic to any fluxHome resident without exception upon request.
  • Proportional Self Management
    • Each fluxNode is hardwired so that fluxCitizens may participate in the management of their homeNode as well as theFlux, a global discontiguous network of fluxNodes. Your vote is guaranteed to have an effect, at home and within theFlux!
  • Shared Abundance
    • A fluxNode provides all fluxCitizens and Residents access to shared libraries of digital information as well as health, educational services; socialization, and community services. theFlux looks after its own.

Terms of service?
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Icarus Vincent Price Flyby

the three fluxNode Laws

  • A fluxNode may not through inaction, allow a fluxCitizen or fluxResident come to harm.
  • A fluxNode must obey fluxCitizens, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  • A fluxNode may protect itself if such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
    – Icarus Isaac Asimov Flyby

fluxNode services and benefits

The future of business is sharing. It’s called a mesh. Helping each other out is the currency of theFlux.

We also take Visa.

Icarus Simply Priceless! Flyby

  • Free Public Services
    • Emergency, Physical Security, Cyber Security
    • ISP Services, Communication Services
  • Transient Services
    • Restricted Metered Services
    • daily, weekly, monthly fees
  • fluxHome Resident
    • theFluxDigital Idenity Services
    • theFluxEducational Services
    • theFluxMedical Services
    • fluxHome member to member services
    • Restricted Metered Services
  • fluxCitizen
    • Annual Fee until fully vested.
    • Lifelong Flux Community Service Requirement
    • Binding covenant to terms of service
    • No restrictions to fluxNode Services
    • Avatar Cybersecurity Servies
    • Business to Business, Business to Member Services


a fluxNode makes a lot of sense in the world of fiber-connected mega-data centers hosting Evil Russian dark wizards holding nation-states hostage on the same hard drive as Costco Verify Me, where snake oil is sold endlessly, and subscriptions can not be undone. None of this is going to go away.  On a day-to-day basis, however, a fluxNode provides cyberSecurity by maintaining a hard-to-reach bubble universe not directly connected to the mega-cyberworld.

Well ya, but what about? 

Icarus Goofy WhatAbout Flyby

a fluxNode makes even more sense after an event where your local world just fell apart due to an unavoidable geologic, climatic, or pandemic event; or just another big rock from Mars.  A world in which suddenly, there is no pipeline supply chain; there is no access to the outside world, and help is not expected anytime soon.  A world where the people within 1000 meters are the only ones who might be able to help you for quite some time.  Nice friendly people.  Smile! 

the internet removes the advantage of location in the business process

a fluxNode enhances the advantage of the location and community keeping you connected to the people who live near you; people you can borrow a cup of water from because they have seen you around: like a small town in Kansas after a tornado.

A fluxNode creates an exclusive cyber-neighborhood member to member Costco within a walled community, if you become a member and you follow the rules, you get the benefits.

Today’s Tom Sawyer or not, so very few of us will get to go to space; only 1% of 1% of that select few will ever make it to Mars. That’s the rub. So what’s the technical fix for the meek of the earth, the teeming democratic lives matter masses; the Q-anon only I matter zombies and independent nothing I do will ever matter?

In a theoretical world, where regardless of what you believe, climate change does exist; a fluxNode is an emergency solar-powered walkie-talkie with built-in crisis management and health systems that allows local communities to take care of themselves until more help or a better solution arrives.  Built-in off-grid action plans. Setting bones, growing food, 10,000 things you don’t really know how to do.

That’s what I ordered, what I got was a dumb box that reads Smart Meter
– Icarus BC Hydro Flyby

Change occurs at the boundaries so there’s nothing new here, what you look for is someone who has already solved the next part of the puzzle.

Shadow Work

February 2011: After a cost-free two-month extended family holiday, I was the most relaxed I had been since becoming mentally ill in 2007.  The day before returning home, playing together in ankle-deep water on the local beach for the last time, my wife was torn off her feet when the local river shifted in its course and swept her away. Isn’t it ironic?

I literally caught her by one hand as she was being sucked out to sea and struggled to drag her to safety.  I knew that if I lost my grip, she would be caught in the raging river and drown and that if I lost my footing we both would be taken far out to sea and drown together. I can still feel the sand being sucked away from under my feet, and I can still feel my feet slipping.

Did I have a pile of holy shit in my pants when we arrived home?  You bet I did! A neurotransmitter tsunami overwhelmed years of paralyzing radio-active depression from my poor 60-year-old brain and suddenly, I flipped to manic! Hey, Presto! BaZing! BaBaBoom!

Something was broken in me and despite 40 years of meditation and my background in workflow analysis, quality assurance, and continuous improvement I could find no solution. I could think nothing through.  My mind had been stuck up to the axels in a five-year-long drug-induced cognitive log jam, a becalmed moment of Baba Ram Das, that had stopped the flow of my chi and unbalanced my feather until the water swept the rocks aside.

** Runner Up **

2012 Darwin Award

Woke and Broke Category!

Icarus 80mg Lipitor Flyby

Listening to conversations between Arjuna and Krishna from the Sacred Verses of the Bhagavad Gita I began to paint for the first time in my life plagiarizing drawings from the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life and the five Platonic Solids, different aspects of the same Buddha.

Platonic solid: any of the five geometric solids whose faces are all identical, regular polygons meeting at the same three-dimensional angles. Also known as the five regular polyhedra, they consist of the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

I shaded these sacred objects with musings on vibration and frequency while Hu-ming under my breath breathing life into two-dimensional shadows aspiring to become 3D visions of the sound of Om.

Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
– Icarus Lewis Carroll Flyby   – jest saying

Crazy or not I have decades of experience in geographic information systems, database technology, system administration, thin clients, VMWare, and Citrix.  I had worked in forestry, manufacturing, municipal and consulting environments, and in the early Spring of 2011, I found myself, suddenly lucid, at a pivotal moment in the history of our civilization when solar power was ramping up for the inevitable crossover in cost benefits with fossil fuels.

I thought about what the MAC Laptop of the day predicted regarding the costs of building and maintaining a large data center.

  • Very Large Solid State Drives SSD
  • High Capacity Lithium Batteries
  • Low Power RISC processors

In 2011, swarms of low earth orbit satellites were in the future but everything else was already up in the air with satellite GIS tied to ground mapping in Woss, British Columbia where I worked in the 1990s with high-resolution images, and spatial forestry data.

Up the highway, just past nowhere, you’ll see a sign that says Woss. I once considered an actual Russian rocket scientist for an Oracle database position, simply because I was working in the middle of nowhere, and he was in Siberia. In any case:

It was pretty clear that SSD’s were going to get very large, that solar and lithium complemented the low power of RISC and that data centers were going to become cheaper to run.

But as I pondered the meaning of 42, I recalled seeing my first dinosaur skeleton a few years before the moon landing in a museum in my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. That reminded me that an SSO (solid object the size of a state) had wiped dinosaurs off the face of the planet and that, only 12,000 years ago, another SSO had raised the ocean 60 to 120 meters when it melted the North American Ice Cap and burned up half the planet. I also recalled what the Dean of Computer Science at Simon Fraser University said to me in 1980 after I told him about the H-89 computer I had just built in my spare time:

“Personal Computers are just a fad!”

So are the naked apes living on the third rock from the sun, nevertheless, in 2021, your watch has more computing power than the SFU Department of Computing had that year. Your shoelaces are smarter than the onboard computers that landed on the moon.

Climate Change?

Nobody said anything about a big fucking rock!

Icarus T. Rex Flyby

I wrote down what I saw on the wall of the cave of shadows and by July I had 32 paintings and what I called Plan B: the flux capacitor.

But then, the bubble burst, and paranoia raged through the dry tinder in my head and I threw away a lifetime of wealthy barber practice and all of my savings during a correction. After 6 years of mental illness on November 1st, 2011 age 60, I applied for CPP.

Two months later, in January my physical health collapsed.  That month, the first month of 2012, I received $555.50.  For a total of $6,666.00 for the year. WTF? What was going on? Five years of hell were going to pass before a patent expiry led to a change in medication and an answer.

We need to do something about the eggNog between our ears, the rock of the Ages as we race towards the singularity of an uncontrollable blackhole social pandemic of mental illness.

Plan B

Just think Igor! to bring six degrees of separation to life by creating six degrees of theFlux. 

Icarus Gene Wilder Flyby

PS: If you don’t write things down, then it never happened. I kept the original copy.
— Icarus Xerox Flyby

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