Icarus Flyby and Where I am.

Where I am, depends on when I am.

In the Spring of 2012, I found myself in pre-op floating in the sea-of-placid that they give you before they turn you off for surgery. You are in a state where you know that you have feelings about what is about to happen…. but you can’t quite remember where they are. So I decided to practice the meditation of movement in the void, mentally drawing each node and vector of the Flower of Life as if on the sand on the beach with no intention of getting anywhere at all.

During my first surgery, I was given a spinal block, told that what the body does not feel, it does not remember. This time I was told that that procedure was no longer allowed. I found out about body memories the hard way.

In due course, I found myself in post-op where I experienced what I call my drug-induced awakening watching my consciousness reassemble itself while standing outside the frame of reference of my physical body. As I witnessed this mirrored reflection, a package expanded out of the zero-point energy field, and then I was awake. I woke up knowing that something was going to happen.

Recovering several days later, in a state of drool, slowly moving about the house, I accidentally opened the package by thinking about the part of the human heart/spirit that does not die.

The experience lasted one deep four-part breath. There was no hurry. I experienced such great joy. There was so much sorrow. Saturn called and eight marbles of energy left the Dantian sea of Qi and instantly I was in eight places at once. I laughed and cried at the same time as the marbles returned refilled all my reservoirs with a surge of energy that lasted 6 months and helped me survive the next blood clot in September.

I am here in all these experiences polarized

I am on the third rock from the sun. A sun that orbits the galactic center once a cosmic year or every 250 million years while traveling 77,000 km/hour. I am a mite on the back of a flea, on the back of a dog chasing a car through a neighborhood of 10 thousand million cars, biting at the front tire.

The rock we are on has an abundance of materials and resources. More than enough to meet our requirements and as naked apes we have covered the rock adapting the environment to meet our needs. There are few if any places we have not stuck our noses into and we routinely self-terminate pursuing activities like jumping off mountain tops wearing batman suits.

Running around the galactic center can be quite exhilarating but evidence from 12,000 years ago not only clearly shows the risks of living near the ocean but also brings into focus all the evidence that repeatedly shows that the surface of a planet is in fact quite a dangerous place to live.

Like it says on the pane

I am here

Icarus Flyby

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