Why I do not require an apology from the pope

I am Male.  I am white.  I am 69.  I grew up in the 1950s in Mount Carmel, Indiana, in an affluent Catholic enclave immediately adjacent to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and School.  MAGA-land!  In the fall of 2005, at age 55, I stood within the walls of the Vatican inside Saint Peter’s Cathedral, home to treasures, documents, and art of incredible value, history, and beauty.  

I am the eldest of 10. My parents, polymaths; my mother, a Jesuit educated baby factory who, with her sister, was abused, as I was abused, and as I abused.  The first time I got drunk was when I finished the bottle after mom passed out.   It’s not what was done to me.  It’s what I did.

I have lived on Vancouver Island since the 1970’s and years ago realized that my income tax dollars were subsidizing Catholic Residential Schools.  Schools where drugged children wake up in puddles of their own drool as caretakers leave for the day.  It broke my heart. 

Throughout history, children have been molded with religious ideology using random acts of violence, intellectual buggery, and sexual abuse.   While Catholics are not alone in this, they have had a lot of practice, and they are very good at it.

In Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, there is inherent uncertainty in the act of measurement. 

Did the Vatican export pedophiles to remote locations, creating more harm than good?

“On earth one, there is no doubt at all”

Icarus Heisenberg FlybyBishop of Rome

The infallible misogynistic leaders of the faith of my birth reside at the Vatican.  And there I was, in Rome, standing in the Apse of Saint Peter’s Basilica, admiring the view when a crystal casket to my right caught my eye and in my peripheral vision I noticed a bishop of Rome within, staff in hand; encased in gold and suddenly time stopped.  The holy spirit was above as I underwent mitosis, my beliefs were drawn and quartered, and as I was torn asunder by beauty and hatred, I heard a voice say, “No, you idiot!”  

“Sure, I fell off, I had a vision but my foot was stuck and the horse wouldn’t stop.”

Icarus St. Paul Flyby

There is no doubt that the genocide of native peoples living in Canada was committed through the political process and democratic will of the Canadian people.  The genocide was administered by all levels of government within Canada. The Catholic church was a contractor with a resume of historic proportions. 

“I require no apology from the pope, we all have blood on our hands”

Icarus Trudeau Flyby

As a direct result, today, indigenous people living in Canada display the full spectrum of mental, emotional, and physical illnesses, but at much higher concentrations than the average Canadian.  Tragically for survivors, assimilation works.

Even on the strongest of spirit and even on the bravest of souls. 

Ask any cradle Catholic.  Ask anyone.  It works on us all.

“Go ahead! Make my Day! Burn forever in hell. “

Icarus Flyby: Master of the Holy Inquisition

The belief that the desired result is so good or important that any method, even a morally bad one, may be used to achieve it, such a belief is not correct.  

The belief that the desired result is so good or important that violence may be used to achieve it, such a belief is not correct.  

The belief that religious dogma is so good or important that it may be imposed on children, such a belief is not correct.

In the end, these ends do not justify these means.

I require the separation of church and state

Icarus Thomas Jefferson Flyby

Remove religious ideology and subsidies from all Canadian legislation and then Render unto Caesar. 

In other words, fire all the air traffic controllers and let god sort it out.
Icarus Ronald Regan Flyby – 40th President, First Autocrat

I require no apology from the pope.  Eventually, I will see him as I fly by with the rest of the flock on our way to reach out and touch the sun. 

Signed this day June 26th, 2021

Icarus Flyby the Count of Monte Cristo

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